WORS Battle of CamRock presented by Capital Off-Road Pathfinders (IMBA)

The Wisconsin Off-Road Series and the Capital Off-Road Pathfinders IMBA Chapter puts on a world class mountain bike race in June of each year at Dane County's CamRock Park .


The WORS Series is a 12 race series of mountain bike races held across Wisconsin in the months of May till October. The series has built itself as a family friendly and fun race series for all ages and skill levels.  

The 2015 WORS Battle of CamRock presented by Capital Off-Road Pathfinders will be held on May 31, 2015. View the information in this site for the details on how you can join us for this great event.



Capital Off-Road Pathfinders needs your help. Our annual mountain bike race needs volunteers to serve a number of positions during the WORS Battle of CamRock on June 4th. Your help will allow CORP to be funded to build and maintain more trails in the Dane County area. Fill out the volunteer form if you can volunteer to help us anytime

Friday, June 2nd during the day we will be setting the course for the race. We will be rolling out tape and putting signs up for directional help on the course and road side in the local area. We should be done by mid afternoon. The more people we have the quicker the setup will be. We can then pre-ride the course. 
Saturday, June 3rd during the late morning we will be helping setup the expo area and then opening registration for racers who arrive to pre-race.  
Sunday, June 4th is race day. We need around 50 volunteers doing a number of simple things to have up to 1,000 racers visit and race at CamRock.  CORP will have the IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol on course as well as the Cambridge Volunteer EMS on site to help with first aid and first responding of injured racers or fans. We will also need people to help in the following positions.

  • Water Stop  (Six people to setup and handout water to racers in CamRock 2 near the bridge to CamRock 3)
  • Finish Shoot (ix people to man finish shoot and help with timing & scoring.
  • Start Chute (Two people to help with Start chute, guide racers to lineup and help race fans navigate this busy corridor.) 
  • Parking Hospitality (Six people to help guide people navigating to and from the 4 parking areas)
  • Registration (Six people to help people register for the race.)
  • Post-race Refreshment (2 people to help coordinate the post-race refreshments.
  • Course marshalls (16 people will be placed throughout the 8.5 mile course watching for trouble and helping guide Wisconsin Mountain Bike Patrol and Cambridge EMS to injured racers or fans. This is a very important job and the racers always appreciate seeing you on the course watching out for them.
  • Awards Direct Assistants(can use a couple of people to help hand out awards after each race.)
  • Course Assistants (needs some people to manage the course changes between races.)
  • Race Director Assistants (needs a couple people to be able to charge out onto the course to manage any issues that always come up during the race.)

Most volunteer positions are in teams of people and this will make the day go by quickly. We will be supplying water, Gatorade, lunch, snacks and a special WORS Battle of CamRock shirt to each volunteer.

Thank you in advance for volunteering for this special event.

Click here to volunteer!  


David Vogt
WORS Battle of CamRock
IMBA Capital Off-Road Pathfinders